The fact that Alesya Gulevich is a three time Guinness World Record holder, with the most Hula Hoops simultaneously spun at one time, should come as no surprise. Alesya was born into the rich heritage of the Russian circus, the most respected of circus traditions.

Her mother is the noted Russian aerialist, Nadezda Bilenko (watch her act on youtube), and her father is the famous clown from Belarus, Fiodor Gulevich (watch his act on youtube).

It's natural that Alesya follows in their footsteps. She left her birthplace in Rostov-on-Don, southern Russia, when she was only one month old to travel on the road with her family. By the time she was five she was already in the act: tumbling, balancing, performing acrobatics and learning the disciplines and skills that would serve her in the years to come.

By the time she was twelve she was performing solo with an act created by her father, a comedy bicycle and unicycle performance. At the age of fourteen she created her own act with Hula Hoops, the act for which she has now become famous. Today she is not only one of the most sought after center ring acts in the circus world, but in great demand by cruise lines, corporations, sporting event planners and television.

Alesya Gulevich is a true modern circus artist and entertainer. She has a strong background in dance and choreography, having studied ballet and modern jazz. She is well versed in all the circus arts from comedy to animals to flying trapeze. Performances in renowned venues (Sporting Club Monte Carlo, Lincoln Center New York, Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione), for famous clients (NBA, Microsoft, Toys'r'us) and popular TV shows (America Got Talent, Ellen Degeneres "The Big Show", Patrick Sebastian's "Les Le Plus Grande Cabaret du Monde") prove that there is no doubt: Alesya Gulevich has taken her career to the highest level of show business.