Alesya's incomparable skills along with her beauty, style and grace have elevated her Award winning Hula Hoop performance above all others and her artistry is sure to captivate any audience, anywhere in the world. Though Alesya is specialized in Hula Hoops she has even more to offer. Her repertoire includes a variety of first class acts from a number of different genres as well as her one woman show "Hoop La La".

Her performances can be - regarding costume, music, duration and space - tailored to any venue including varieté, theatre, circuses, sporting events, concerts, cabaret, cruises, corporate events, television and many others. They can also be adapted to fit any location or occasion. And of course all of them can be booked individually or combined. Her strong work ethic, her creativity and her rich experience make this possible.

Lyrical Unicycle

A lovely opera tune, a beautiful, mystical costume and a unicycle. More isn't necessary for Alesya Gulevich to create another piece of art. It's amazing how she glides effortlessly around the stage on her LED unicycle while magically playing with multiple LED hula hoops, beautiful flowing silks and a giant spinning cube. This novelty act reminds us of figure skating.


All the way from Italy comes this gentleman. Obrazzo is an amazing character who is doing a hilarious comedy on a bicycle that magi­cally changes into a unicycle as he bumbles along with equilibristic feats that are sure to make anyone laugh. Believe it or not: Obrazzo and Alesya Gulevich are the same person. That will be revealed at the end of the act, when Obrazzo does a surprising quick change and turns with a little help from the audience into a graceful and elegant woman.


This is pure art. With the help of a hula hoop and passionate Argentinian Tango music Alesya Gulevich is weaving a romantic love story. When she is using the hula hoop as her dance partner, it seems as if this hoop is coming to life.


Fun! Fun! Fun! After an opening performance, Alesya Gulevichs dances through the audience and picks up several people to perform on stage. With hula hoops, of course! And because most of them are doing now their first steps into the world of hula hooping it is an incomparable fun for the audience as well. Imagine how hilarious it could be, watching your friends, colleagues or even your boss struggling with the hoops. But the show must go on! And so Alesya makes them even spin the hoop on their butt. Audience Participation: Best for internal company events and exclusive parties.

One Woman Show "Hoop La La"

With "Hoop La La" Alesya Gulevich presents a high quality, multi-variety, one woman show that includes comedy, theatre, dance and circus arts. Alesya combines sultry dance, exquisite music and unparalleled circus skills in a unique blend that creates a new form of theatrical expression. Meet the Italian gentleman Obrazzo with his hilarious comedy on a bicycle that turns by accident into a unicycle. Obrazzo then does a quick change into a graceful and elegant woman - Alesya Gulevich off course. She amazes then with her skills on the unicycle, with a passionate Argentinian Tango Hoop Dance and with her world famous hula hoop act.