In her award winning Hula Hoop act Alesya Gulevich combines tricks with multiple rings with high speed, elegance and powerful Latin tango music. Imagine: Sparkling hoops seem to rise from the floor to encircle her as if lifted by unseen hands. This unique flourish is performed with such exquisite control that Alesya appears almost motionless, the hoops seeming to have a life of their own.

It is an amazing demonstration of style, movement and grace, about which the German newspaper "Die Welt" once wrote: "Alesya Gulevich spins first ten and then over 50 hoops in the most amazing patterns and sparkling play of colours around her body. Many poor fitness fanatic can practice as long as they want, but they will never reach something artistic like this."

Hula Hoop in Tango Rhythm I

Demo Version: This video – recorded in the amazing Belarus State Circus of Minsk - concentrates on the best of Alesya Gulevich’s famous Hula Hoop Act. 60 seconds of tango passion, high speed and amazing hula hoop skills.

Hula Hoop in Tango Rhythm II

Full Version: Enjoy Alesya Gulevich’s trademark act in full length and with the original music. In six and a half minutes Alesya shows unique tricks like the separation of ten hoops and enchats the audience with her charme and showmanship.

Contemporary Hula Hoop I

Demo Version: With this 90-seconds video Alesya Gulevich introduces her brand new creation: a contemporary display of her incredible hula hoop skills. Watch Alesya performing to electronic tango music that leads her hula hoop art to a complete new level.

Contemporary Hula Hoop II

The Full Version of Alesya Gulevich’s brand new creation takes eight minutes and 20 seconds. In this time Alesya Gulevich presents her “whole new me”: Electronical tango music, a fancy costume and her incomparable tricks performed in a new way.

Halloween Hula Hooping

Alesya Gulevich's hula hoop performance can be tailored to any venue, any occasion and any musical genre. Her strong work ethic and her background in circus, dance, choreography and music make this possible. This video features a Halloween performance in Berlin/Germany 2016.

LED Hula Hoops

Mesmerizing, mystical and modern! With the LED hula hoops Alesya Gulevich's performance becomes a completly new experience - very colorful and shiny. Perfect for any kind of event - for animation or as a whole act.